The great and evil Zantarclon is a powerful war robot built by the Dyclon Corporation (eventually to be renamed Megacorp) on the planet Techneta. He is the most powerful force in the universe, and his ultimate desire is to destroy all organic life so that machines can rein over the known universe.



Zantarclon is the ruthless overlord of the Megakorp-II organization, a massive army of robots of many types.

Cereal CultEdit

The Cereal Cult also shows allegiance to Zantarclon. After the Cult's home planet was destroyed by a Megakorp-II Planet Dematerializer, the few that remained agreed to ally with Megakorp in order to be spared. After this, however, Zantarclon never again showed such courtesy to any more of his victims.


All species oppose Zantarclon, regardless of their friends and foes, for Zantarclon wishes to see them all reduced to ash. He is truly the most powerful and feared villain in the multiverse, equaled by none in sheer power and feared by all.

Though many other galactic villains, such as Nafaria, Evil Fifi, and Helikase, have similar goals as Zantarclon (if not on smaller scales),even they may go against him. After all, Zantarclon's plan would render their plans null and void, should it ever succeed.


Zyclon is an extradimensional parallel to Zantarclon, hailing from another curve on the topographic ocean. How he got to the fourth dimension is unknown, but he has been an ally of Zantarclon ever since. They act as co-rulers of the Megakorp-II empire, and their power is more or less equal.