Vowel Sleepder Returns

The Vowel Sleepder Returns.

The Vowel Sleepder Returns is a digitally created Junk Card that, despite being junk, can actually be used very minimally in a duel as a Fighter Card. It was created by Ben as a recreation of the Vowel Sleepder.


The card shows a very large and deformed sleepder with all six vowels protruding from its top. Instead of its face with lips, it has a huge, gaping mouth, complete with spiky teeth. It appears to be very, very angry.

The sleepder is shouting "BUST!", for no apparent reason. To the left of the sleepder are the words "NO CONSONANTS!"


This card has no type; it can be considered Normal-type.


The card has a BA level of 10,000 and an HP level of 250,000.

The BA of this card is the only thing that makes it usable at all.


Eternal CheeseEdit

Destroy 18 cards on the field and in the Hand combined.

PP: 2

Spheroid of TimeEdit

KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! Just shout that.

PP: 4

Mushroom SwordEdit

Pull out your big mushroom sword, all dramatic like, and yell MUSHROOOOOMMMS! And then yell MUSTAAAACCHHHEEEE! And then kill everything and laugh. Ha! HA! HAAAA!!!!

PP: 1