Two Mountains

Two Mountains Having a Staring Contest.

Two Mountains Having a Staring Contest is a Fighter Card created by Ben in the later days of the experimentation that eventually produced modern cards.

The sort of thing usually portrayed by cards such as this is used on Effect Cards; however, this is a fighter card.


The card shows exactly what the title suggests: two enormous mountains having a staring contest. They are complete with eyes, which are slowly eroding under the stress of the contest. The mountains have very detailed features- stairs, buildings, and even a train.

The card is rumored to be based off of the meaning of the name of the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee: "two mountains looking at each other". The presence of the city of Chattanooga in the lower right of the card makes this even more evident.

Also, a city labeled as "The Rainbow City of Dreams" is seen in the background. This is most likely the Rainbow City of Dreams (as the name suggests), but it could be Hounourville.


This card is Normal and Rock-type.


The card has a BA level of 5,000 and an HP level of 100,000.



PP: 5

POW: 10,000


Lower [all] your opponents' attacks by 15,000.

PP: 3

Not BlinkingEdit

Dodge the foe's attack. [Only works when you go first].


Whose eyes will erode first? Bet!

This effect is completely useless, bordering on Junk Card material.