Subdivisia, also commonly called Yeea by the local folk, is the current home planet of the Rees and the site of many Nepper colonies. Both species migrated from their original planets due to the overcrowding there. It is named for the subdivisions between the two societies that exist there; however, to say they don't interact isn't true. The Neppers live here because it's the perfect place to go out and nab a ree snack.


Subdivisia is mostly a grassland planet, with several high mountains clustered in various places. The rees live in the sprawling grasslands, while the neppers prefer the mountainous landscapes of the Subdivisia Mountain Belt. Entire nepper cities have been carved into the mountains there, done in seconds with powerful laser grid technology.


Subdivisia has only one ocean; the rest of the planet is completely covered with land. Much ree civilization is centered around the ocean.

The only other water on the planet is the massive river, which spans around the planet and connects to the small ocean at both ends. Also, one group of small mountains, known as the Edge Mountains, has lakes perched on top of them. This topographic oddity baffles all.


Subdivisia has two unnamed moons, both of which have been colonized. The locals refer to them as M1 and M2.