The Spoon

The Spoonian Spoon of All Things.

The Spoonian Spoon of All Things is quite literally the source of all Sources, and has created them all at some point in time. The Spoon came first to the planet Spoonius and was kept and carried by Derrfrigion, the All-Seeing Foo who has Mastered All Powers. It was often mentioned in his book, Mastery of All Things.


Derrfrigion wrote very much about his spoon; all that is known of it has so far come only from feeble attempts by scholars to translate his babble.


Excerpt from Mastery of All Things, Volume One:

It was from the salad, it considered from the page of pastas, that looked at suddenly also from sudden a spoon, dared I that it takes and that brings, the holy appliance.

The spoon, was this of alien art, knew the I no, for a lot of things that it did not know. But I knew that it would have the use, because the spoons infrequent, but the sentiments this was itching.

I have taken then within from the saint, spoon of the saint one, than door from the stove of the origin and in the first instance that it does not find use, but from the source the sources have jumped, like mint from a sponge.

Creation of the SourcesEdit

Excerpt from Mastery of All Things, Volume Two:

It took place in a year of toting the spoon that they give has jumped first of pastas of dozens to emerge, the thing from which more things have come. The chickens and were beyond, for pasta fact.

Effect on SpooniusEdit

The presence of the Spoon on Spoonius has made the planet far more sacred than it could ever hope to be otherwise. Many flock to Spoonius each year, in hopes of observing the great Spoon.

It's also quite likely that the Spoon gave Spoonius its name, though this is probably just a coincidence.