Ree Army

The edited version of the card, the only version available. The original digital version is unavailable.

Ree Army is a Fighter Card that was originally created digitally by Ben. It was then modified after being printed to produce the final version.


A huge army of rees (wreas, specifically) is advancing across the landscape, weapons in hand. Some are holding spears, others swords. There are rolling hills in the background (something common in Ben illustrations). There is a single sun and two planets, one of which says "Mars, the Bringer of War".

Holly (from SuperSkye) can be seen in the background, saying "What the heck is going on?".


Normal (not listed)


The card has a BA level of 3,000 and an HP level of 60,000.



Does 1,000 more damage each time it is used.

PP: 8

POW: 5,000

Forward MarchEdit

Double the POW of your next Charge.

PP: 3


The opponent cannot play neppers or fifis for the next 5 turns.