Red Movie Star Nut

The Red Movie Star Nut.

The Red Movie Star Nut, made long ago by Ben, is one of the first Junk Cards and arguably the most recognized.


The card shows a red nut with a displeased, groaning frown. He wears light-studded glasses, and his feet and nut cap is light-studded as well.

Candy corn and pink lemonade are positioned around the nut, as a reference to the card's Eats and Effects.


This card has no type; were it to be used in a duel, it would be Normal-type.


The card has a BA level of "Pink Lemonade" and an HP level of "Candy Corn".

The actual HP and BA levels are not listed.


Because, man, I got pink lemonade!


Spider candy corn, spider candy corn. Does whatever a spider candy corn does!