Homeworld is the home planet of the Foos, which they named quite aptly during ancient times when things like space were too wordy for anybody to really get under their belts. No one really ever wanted to change it, so the name has stayed since. 

Fifis and rees originated on Homeworld as well, but they do not live on the planet as much as they used to. Most of them have migrated to other places after space travel became available.


Homeworld is a vastly diverse planet, similar to Earth. There are places both hotter than you could imagine and cold enough to freeze off your toes. Still, you'll find foos about anywhere you go.


There are four main continents on Homeworld, each of which is named after one of the four seasons (which are very sacred to the foos).

  • Autumn: The place where life originated on Homeworld after meteors brought it from Claes. Foos developed here. Autumn has a verytemperate climate, if not the tiniest bit chilly; it's way up north.
  • Winter: This continent is located to the south of the planet, covering its entire south pole. No life thrives here; however, there are many Foo colonies.
  • Spring: Rees originated here. Its climate is arguably the best in all of Homeworld -- as the name may suggest, it's as if it's springtime all the time there.
  • Summer: This hothouse of a continent is comprised mostly of desert lands and vast savannahs. Fifis originated here, but you'll find them next to nowhere on the planet now. Summer is a mostly wild continent.


Homeworld has a single moon, which has no name and is too barren to be colonized.

It's also notable that you can see a large gas giant planet from the surface of Homeworld.