Claes is the planet thought to be where life in the universe originated. There is no civilization on Claes; however, there are a few Foo bases through which the planet is observed. The planet is sacred to the Foos, but it has been the site of many conflicts regarding whether or not it should be colonized through the years.

General InformationEdit

Claes is an environmentally diverse planet, though much of its land is of a temperate grassland environment. Most of its land consists of island chains spread throughout its vast oceans. There is far more water than land on the planet.

The largest island on Claes, Pepprika, is the only place in the universe where Claes Peppers, a rare species thought to be some kind of cross between animal and vegetable, can be found. Many neppers regard Claes Peppers as a delicacy.


The Foos believe that Claes must be preserved in its wild, free state. However, the bloody, war-loving Fifis want nothing but to colonize the planet and turn it into a war base. Thus, a massive space war was fought over the planet long ago. The Foos were the victors, and the fifis were dispelled, but it is rumored that the Fifis still harbor plans to take over the planet.