An attack is one of the many actions it is possible to take using your turn. It is possibly the most common use of a turn. Attacks are used to reduce the opponent's HP, as well as cause several other effects it is possible for an attack to cause.


Attacks are the first thing, coming down from the top, seen on the right column of a FotF card. They are arranged in an orderly list. The effect of the card, if it has one, is directly below the attacks.


Attacks are composed of four parts:

  • Name- the attack's name.
  • PP- PP, or power points, dictate how many times an attack can be used. They are located directly to the right of the attack's name.
  • Description- located directly below the attack. Describes any special effects that the attack has. If the attack only causes damage, this will often be omitted.
  • POW- POW, or power points, show how much HP the target will lose when attacked with an attack. POW is measured on a scale of thousands; keep this in mind when making cards. If you give cards attacks with POW levels such as 50 or 10, they will be far too weak. POW is located below the description.

Effects Caused by AttacksEdit

Some attacks can have special effects, which are no less unlimited than effects and powers of cards. Common examples include causing the opponent to lose turns, rendering opponents' attacks or effects unusable, or "poisoning" the target, causing it to lose a set amount of HP every turn.

It is also common for attacks to only have an effect and no power, but these effects are often much lesser than effects or cards.